Meet the Horses

These are the horses of Rosemary Farm, both past and present.

Square Peg Band
The ‘square pegs’ are a group of special needs horses here at Rosemary Farm, horses that are forming their own small groups as they build confidence and friendships.

Herd Harmony
Boys only in Herd Harmony, and nice easy fields for safe movement. This is the group where the geldings go who have trouble playing nice when mares are around, or who just need a quieter environment. We are excited to …

Iron's Herd
This is a trio that became friends before there were any medical needs, and ironically, during 2015, all three had surgical procedures, side-lining them and then reuniting them again as they enjoyed a slow recovery and lots of tlc. Iron, …

The Blackout Band!
Newly formed club of dark beauties in need of extra TLC, this band has come together in 2017 and includes Cole, Ella and Isabel! Cole is the de facto leader and is recovering well but needs some extra courtesy as …

New Arrivals!
It may take awhile for a horse to find it’s band here at the sanctuary. Quarantine, medical restrictions, training, all factor in. This is where we start sharing about our newest horses!

Molly's Band
The largest herd at the sanctuary, headed by the force of nature that is Molly, alongside the handsome, calm leader that Finn has grown into being. Running the mountainside at liberty, crossing the 15′ brook, resting in the 100′ pole …
Remy's Band
These the horses in Remy’s Band in Strawberry Field at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.
Marshall's Band
These are the horses in Marshall’s Band.

The Gentle Band
These are the resident horses of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.

River's Wild Hearts Band
Comprised of the wild hearts of many of the RF mustangs and many wanna be mustangs in our pony mares, River is putting together a beautiful herd here at Rosemary Farm.

Rosemary Farm is a horse rescue sanctuary in the Catskills in New York. We have rescued horses from auctions, slaughter, neglect and abuse.

Rainbow Bridge
Here are some of the wonderful horses that graced the fields of Rosemary Farm. You have now made your way over the "Rainbow Bridge"

Rosemary Farm Sanctuary has adopted out over thirty horses since 2010. Here are some of the adopted horses who have gone off to forever homes.

Before and After
"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is what we do. More on Picasso. Remy is our wild west boy. We don't know where he came from, but we know he is talented. More on Remy. Violet arrived from the …