Yes, we ride. And no, we don’t ride.

If you know one thing about Rosemary Farm Sanctuary , it’s that
“success” with our horses is not defined by “use”.
Success at Rosemary Farm is defined by the degree we can restore a horses inherent characteristics, it’s ability to “be” and “enjoy being”, a horse. To restore a modicum of health, emotional and physical, so the horse can have horse friends and family, can feel safe in our environment with horses and humans, can feel some enjoyment at being alive. This is success.
Riding is optional, and it’s really wonderful to partner with a horse in this manner, but it is not required here to feel successful. It’s also really wonderful to feel the trust from a horse, to breathe together, to groom, to enjoy the warmth of each others’ company, while on the ground.
Riding is optional, just as adoption is optional.
Since most people want to do the first, the second does tend to wane. That’s ok. We are here for our horses first.

This does not negate the importance of training, quite the opposite. We restore trust, or build new trust, so we can handle our horses for care and for enjoyment. This is paramount. Then, there may or may not be a next chapter. For riding or driving, we require our horses to be 1) Sound, 2) Trained, 3) Willing. First we work on #1, health, and with that, we find a degree of #3, connection, or willingness. If we have health and willingness, we explore further training. Many of our horses have been emotionally scarred and it’s ‘too late’, reasonably, to ask this. (yes someone will say its’ never too late and technically you are right, but practically speaking, if the horse is happy here with it’s herd and doesn’t want to leave or train, why make them?) Instead we turn that energy towards someone young, eager to do more with people, unspoiled. Because the youngsters we raise are just that; eager to do more.

SO, if you know one thing about Rosemary Farm, it’s that success with our horses is defined by trust, in whatever form works for everyone involved, horses and humans, deciding together.

Visit. See for yourself.