“We choose you”

The choices we make and the choices we live with.
Friday there was a horse auction we had hoped to attend. We do so because there are always horses there with no further hope or chance of a humane death, horses who will get directly on the slaughter trucks, without intervention that is not likely to come. These are the lives we set out to help with RF was founded, horses in dire need. But sometimes the horse in dire need is able to be helped before auction. So last Sunday, on Easter, two of the RF crew spent the bulk of the day with the trailer, going to get a mare in dire need; Luna.
This beautiful black mare, 20 yo is a registered APHA halter champion and behaves like the royalty she is; calm, mannered, trusting. From what we can gather, about 18 months ago a minor tumor was identified outside her eye. In between that time and last Sunday, there are a lot of words, but the reality for the mare is that tumor grew without treatment, until it had grown unchecked into her eye, with a raging infection dripping down her face. This was what we saw in the photos and this is why we set aside our plans, hooked up the trailer, and went to get this mare. We will never know who we missed helping on Friday, so we focus on who we have helped.
This week, Luna was welcomed into the RF family, surgeons contacted, and an unlikely opening on Wednesday got her into surgery, a procedure that we did not know whether she would live through. She was lucky, and every indication is that the cancer that had invaded her eye was contained. Both the eye and the cancer were removed safely. She will live! She came home on Friday and we will get to know her, heal her, see if there is an adoptive family, if that is the right path for her future. Yesterday she was hand walked, still bandaged, to give her some exercise and let her see more of the farm. She is still learning who we all are, but her life was changed by our choice. Made with the help of all of you.
A choice we can live with.