Way back in the early days, in 2010….

This was one of many incidents between myself and Molly, a black percheron mare that I connected with at auction and bought back off the slaughter truck and brought home. That was November of 2009. Molly was quiet and seemed docile, until you asked her to do anything! Then she informed you that she was in charge, in various ways. It took awhile for me to become her leader, with the sage advice of two people especially, Faye Benedict and  Daniel McCarthy. What began as an emotional save, one of the earliest, has become a significant lifetime relationship. So it was June, about 8 months from saving her, and I go down to the fields and see her on the far side, standing. I call her, a greeting, and she nickers back, ‘COME’. When you can speak with your horse this is as clear as any language, and I ran; over the fence down the path, across the field, to where she was, in the far corner, in a scrubby area, just standing, looking calm. I will add that she had a two week old colt at her side, who later got sick and died, but at the time of this telling, looked as calm as his momma, standing there. What was wrong? I slowed as I approached her, greeting her and scanning for the issue. She gestured with a small flick of her head to her rear foot, and I see some old barbed wire, tangled and coming out of the dirt, and wrapped around her leg. That nasty stuff is everywhere on old farms, to our dismay, and can kill a horse. Molly stood there, waiting for me and for help. She was not cut at all. I had nothing on me, not a rope, certainly not a knife. I paused, not wanting to leave, so instead I went to her head, petted her, and put my hand on the bridge of her nose, applied soft pressure, and asked for a ‘back’. She took a half step back, and I turned her head towards me, and to the barbed wire, asking for a counter bend, to provide some laxity and a second of time, and reached for the barbed wire. It was too far away, she was too big. So I let go calmly of her nose, picked up the rear hoof, loosened the barbed, and slipped it off her leg. No damage done. As soon as she was free she trotted a bit, letting out some of the energy she had been holding in. Free and happy. And unharmed. Because of trust.