Molly and Finn, and the changing of the guard

There is change happening in our herd.
Change is the normal evolution of life, everything changes. It’s our human nature to label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but those are subjective terms, attempting to stop the flow of life. Here today, the change I am thinking about is with Molly.
Stepping in as herd leader in 2010, Molly is our force-of-nature percheron mare saved from slaughter. She is a great teacher because she is not easy, with a checkered past. Finn was just a youngster when he arrived but as he grew, the pair meshed and have been a dynamic force leading the band, as RF grew from a young private sanctuary to a growing non-profit. Molly has welcomed, disciplined, guided, and shaped our herd. But things are changing, as I mentioned. Molly is starting to show her age.
She was likely mid to late teens when she was saved, which puts her in her early 20’s now. She still looks magnificent but there is a new breathing issue, we believe it’s in her airway, called ‘roaring’, which is a problem with oxygen airflow. This is slowing her down, and River, waiting on the sidelines, can see it too. River is one of our mustangs, a wilder one, gorgeous and a good leader, but not too close emotionally to humans. River has been increasing his challenge to Molly, and Finn is increasingly running interference. Lately, Finn has been spending more time with River, Sawyer, and their band of pony mares, while Molly has been with some of her older friends, Clover, Whisper, Gracie….Since Molly is still powerful, and is aging with the herd, she will likely not be kicked out, she has the respect of an elder. It’s hard watching this change though. And yes, I am interfering sometimes. River knows that I will defend Molly and run him off. I know that I am not there all the time to do this, and he knows it too, so it’s a gesture of loyalty to her, but not going to change the flow of things in the end. Since Molly’s band is growing in size and we are preparing our new field, we may divide the band, and give Molly some protection that way. Actually it’s been dividing naturally, since general herd size is under 10 horses and there are over 2o in that band.
I am unsure what will happen to the alliance of Finn and Molly. He is much younger then her, strong and wise, and we are lucky to have him here. As a leader, he cannot be bested and as a connection to humans, his trust is strong. It’s not entirely up to me, which is good. They will have a say as time continues to pass, as horses die and others arrive, and the life of the band, which is the protection of the HORSE, continues to ebb and flow.