Freddy, the Long Island Police Horse

Only the coolest thoroughbreds go on to become police horses after their time on the track, and Fred was one of those. Tall, dark and handsome, Fred served on Long Island for over two years..but despite being a sweetheart, he was a bit timid and in due time, was replaced; he was rehomed, then rehomed again, before he found himself with a loving family living in a swamp that they had intended to be his grazing field. Alone and lonely, the family reached out to us, and Fred was one of our earliest horses welcomed, in 2010. Fred went out twice on foster to adopt contracts and just returned to Rosemary Farm (it’s the end of January 2016). Fred is 23 yo now, and would probably be best served by retiring here. We are getting to know him again, getting caught up on medical issues and would welcome sponsors for his care. Fred was returned to the barn he knew, where there were still two mares that would remember him and another (um Stella) who always falls for the new guy. He is most welcome home.

Fredfull Fred&America Me&Fred2