“and the seasons, they go round and round…”

Gypsy arrived in January, her young filly at her side. Well mannered, sweet, but…restrained. The pair were at their third farm in nine months. Her gorgeous and gregarious daughter Bibi was thrilled to find playmates and has continued to grow here, being courted by Noah and making filly-friends with Aggie Jo and Cleo…but not Gypsy. She found her place on the edge of the herd, and held her own, but stayed there. Other horses came later and worked their way in, but not her. It’s been a source of concern, this lonely mare.

Remy, our proud and jaunty western boy, has established his court in the upper field, but slow progress has been made introducing his band to the main one below. Today, a beautiful warm fall day, Remy and his gang were let loose below; with so much food and lazy sunshine, a fight was not on the agenda. Remy and his lead mare Hannah bounced through the barn where Gypsy was reclusing; Remy looked magnificent, tail high, arched neck, huge bouncy trot. They made a pass through and the few horses inside were excited by their energy. As he turned and bounced back out, Gypsy nickered; then turned to look at me, and nickered again. That low throaty request. Didn’t take a horse whisperer to get that message. I opened the gate for her to join Remy’s band as they headed back up the hill to their own territory. She was greeted joyfully! and noisily, with lots of squeals and snuffles…followed by a tour of the upper field, the water source, and a pass through the front lawn. After lots of turns and sniffs and introductions, the now slightly larger band settled down to some hay in the sunshine.

And Bibi, now 18 months old, stayed happily below with her new family. No screams, no trauma, no danger to horse or human. This, in our view, is the ideal way to ‘wean’. Perhaps not possible for everyone, but beautiful when it is allowed to be. I expect mother and daughter will want to be together again, and of course we will allow them. But for now, really for the first time here, Gypsy looks happy.