Ella, and questions


Our most intense journey right now continues with Ella. She is probably just turning 1 yo about now, we don’t know for sure when she was born or where she is from. Saved at auction in November by a private home, already showing severe untreated laxity in her front legs, Ella was surrendered to RF in March of this year. Since that time,10 weeks ago, this percheron baby has grown in her training and we have been trying to set her right. Our fabulous trimmers have worked on her every week to give her healthy percheron baby hooves, and we have been providing supplements and rest and a small horse family, and exercise in limited doses, lots of handling and love. She has blossomed, but her severe angles have not appreciably changed, all the while that tall butt grows higher, dumping more weight on those front legs. Just 10 days ago we began a course of care with a fantastic new rehab brace, and it is doing it’s job, supporting Ella’s front legs at new angles. She wears them briefly every day and we were very excited at first. However, the leg still needs to respond, and change, to heal; the brace provides the environment. Now, however, we are seeing some stress and fatigue with Ella. Of course we are questioning ourselves; were they on too long? Not long enough? Is this part of healing? Is this further decay? Did we start to late, or was this never going to work? Do we continue? Do we stop? No one can really help us with these decisions. Ella is unique in her untreated issue, and it’s tempting to give in to anger at the person who sent her to auction as a baby, like this, alone, with no history and little hope. History might help us right now, but we don’t have it and without it, we just need to move forward with the horse in front of us. So we make decisions here with our team.  Every horse is best served by those who love and care and see her every day….so that is what we are doing. Day by day decisions made together, here, with Ella and her care team. This is just by way of sharing for those out there, who also care. We are still trying for Ella. We aren’t feeling very good today, but we are still trying.