Zak! Our coming 5yo standardbred boy, who went blind in an accident as a baby. He came to RF as a 2yo stallion, which presented some challenges. Zak was gentled, gelded, and started under saddle here, and in 2014 Zak competed in both of the Rosemary Farm trail rides. He adores riding, it is a joy to see how happy he is when he is being ridden. We consider raising and training a blind horse to be one of our greatest accomplishments.  Giving Zak freedom with riding was only part of our goal, giving Zak a safe herd group was also a goal, which has continued to evolve. Happily so! Zak now shares his home with another blind gelding, Behr, and Christian, who is half blind, and additionally a mare or two! Both Annie and Honey Pie both have a thing for Zak, but not for each other. But that’s another story. 😉

Update; as of the summer of 2015, Zak is now stay-dopted! He will remain at Rosemary Farm with his friends but will enjoyed continued training and will be here to meet friends when they visit!

me&zakitchS&S Rob&Zakfall

Zak resting

Zak resting