The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tricolor paint, a gregarious member of the square peg band. He was trained to ride in his past, but also suffered blunt trauma, that has slowly claimed his sight. Now blind, Behr relies on his best friends Christian and Zak for guidance and play. He is a big teddy bear of horse and one of the most beautiful boys we have seen.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

Behr&Zakrun BehrHill Behrcoat

To Blanket, or not to Blanket…

That IS the question we hear a lot! Our sanctuary is in the catskill mountains of New York. It’s cold and snowy all winter. The blanket question comes up often. We have found that there is no one set rule … read more

2012 in Review

Every year we say, ‘we’ve grown’! So why wreck a tradition; We’ve grown! 2012 is the year we made it legal; our private efforts for three years became a legal NYS charity and then a legal 501c-3 charity. All donations … read more


I dreamt I was driving a car on the BQE. The car was borrowed; it was early evening, warm, setting sun, the usual rush of traffic. The car broke down. As I got out, I was suddenly blind. I was … read more

Flowers for Sandy Hook

Like most of America, the humans at Rosemary Farm watched the tragedy of Sandy Hook unfold on the news. Powerless to do anything but grieve at home. As the days passed, we started to receive donations, in memory of the … read more

“The morning after…”

There is a regret that overcomes one the day after a horse auction. The faces of those from the night before fill your memories eye. The attempts at rationalization the night before, the increased anxiety about ‘which one to save’, … read more

“and the seasons, they go round and round…”

Gypsy arrived in January, her young filly at her side. Well mannered, sweet, but…restrained. The pair were at their third farm in nine months. Her gorgeous and gregarious daughter Bibi was thrilled to find playmates and has continued to grow … read more

“The journey together”

Otherwise known as, “Angst about Miranda, continued”… Regular readers are aware of the moral dilemma that RF has found itself in, with the recent save of a pregnant tb mare with neurological damage. This mare was actually sold back off … read more

“What you’re missing!”

By waiting to get a horse when it’s ‘ready to ride’, you’re missing all kinds of moments that can’t be retrieved. You’re missing the first tiny wound and pouty face, followed by treats for the brave one…. You’re missing sitting … read more

“Ask today, ask tomorrow….”

I’m going around and around about Miranda. Unsurprisingly, no information has surfaced about her past. We only have the horse to gauge where we are at and what to do. She has seemed to stabilize a bit, which does not … read more

A message to the UNKNOWN past….Please Call!

Miranda, our newest save, is being revealed in bits. What can I tell you about her? She is about 8 years old, a beautiful thoroughbred mare, in less then perfect condition, and she is pregnant. It was a planned pregnancy, … read more


Roid Rage

Roid rage; (def); “Roid rage is a term given to people who act in very aggressive or hostile manner after taking large doses, usually on a regular basis, of anabolic steroids, sometimes nicknamed as roids.” In other words, what is … read more

“Lean on Me”

I wish I was not called an ‘angel’. I wish that what I do was considered ‘normal’. I wish that decent care was commonplace, that morals outweighed profit, that a kind hand was all that a creature ever felt from … read more