The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tricolor paint, a gregarious member of the square peg band. He was trained to ride in his past, but also suffered blunt trauma, that has slowly claimed his sight. Now blind, Behr relies on his best friends Christian and Zak for guidance and play. He is a big teddy bear of horse and one of the most beautiful boys we have seen.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

Behr&Zakrun BehrHill Behrcoat

The Story of Cat, part one

When I met Cat, a chestnut quarter horse mare, she was being led down a long dirt path to our trailer, leaving the only home she had known for her entire life. She was 24 years old. She had not … read more

“The Lion in Winter”

It’s a brave, wise horse that lives to be old amongst humans. It’s an exceptionally brave one that survives abuse and does not harbor hatred. Our Oliver is one such gelding; elegant, calm, able to pause and reason, he has … read more

“Do you hear what I hear?”

This soggy winter morning began when I stumbled upon an ear. Beautiful, delicate and covered in shades of brown fur, the ear was recently alive. Severed from the head it once grew from, it would never vibrate with sounds of … read more

Guest blog; “Rescue me”

A short series of guest blogs by RFSI board members…here is the first, by Rene Hallal-Gonen rescue me. What kind of person weeps While looking at the skin of a starved horse, Stretched over her skeletal figure So timid, she … read more

JUST a trail horse….

Scene 1; A bright spring Saturday, on a clear trail, sitting on horseback. A number is pinned to your back, as well as to the backs of your companions, all also on horseback. Everyone is walking calmly down the trail; … read more


OHHHHH.. Sometimes my best thoughts happen in the wee hours. And this morning, my Phantom dilemma flipped over and all was clear. This isn’t Phantom’s dilemma, this is MY dilemma with Phantom. The Phantom is just The Phantom. Many caring … read more

Phantom’s future?

Like a horse yenta, we try to predict the future for our horses. Usually this involves determining IF a horse is best served by a private home and family, or if staying here is what is best for them. In … read more

A short auction and a handsome stranger

When I share auction stories, I want you to understand that I don’t blame the auction house for the state of things; don’t you imagine that they wish that there were lots of horses selling for lots of money? I … read more

The Phantom

Walk the walk

In the past two weeks, I have written privately to several other rescuers, to ask their advice. The nearly universal response went something like this;
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Zak munching

Zak’s Round Pen

These were the mini-blogs from our Round Pen Fundraiser! Chip in is going away and I wanted to record them somewhere. Zak is finally using and enjoying his wonderful round pen. our regular page… some folks have asked for the … read more