The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tricolor paint, a gregarious member of the square peg band. He was trained to ride in his past, but also suffered blunt trauma, that has slowly claimed his sight. Now blind, Behr relies on his best friends Christian and Zak for guidance and play. He is a big teddy bear of horse and one of the most beautiful boys we have seen.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

Behr&Zakrun BehrHill Behrcoat

Molly and Finn, and the changing of the guard

There is change happening in our herd. Change is the normal evolution of life, everything changes. It’s our human nature to label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but those are subjective terms, attempting to stop the flow of life. Here today, … read more

Freddy, the Long Island Police Horse

Only the coolest thoroughbreds go on to become police horses after their time on the track, and Fred was one of those. Tall, dark and handsome, Fred served on Long Island for over two years..but despite being a sweetheart, he … read more

Whose eating/whose eaten

In our six years of welcoming horses in need, over 125 of them, we have gotten a small idea of the demographic of this population. They are frequently sound (but if they are then they are untrained), they are frequently … read more

A love note to the elders

We’ve had horses here at Rosemary Farm for almost six years, and there are several seniors that have been here for 4-5 of those years. It’s interesting watching an old horse grow healthy, then age; it is a blessing. A … read more

A brief outline of slaughter; who NOT to blame

IF YOU HAVE DELICATE SENSIBILITIES< DO NOT READ: With many on our page upset by the ’empty truck’ and calling for some violence towards the ‘kill buyers’, (who is just a middleman in a much larger problem), here are some … read more

Blanketing as training

There are lots of discussions about whether to blanket,and I am thrilled that people are really thinking about this issue because there is a lot of unnecessary blanketing going on! Horses are very hardy, and prefer cooler temps. Our position … read more

The Broodies

On this beautiful Sunday morn, I wanted to share about a horse that doesn’t get a lot of attention, an entire category, really. The broodies. Former mares that were used to make more horses, the broodmares, the mothers, the vessels … read more

RF in 2014, the Year in Review!

It’s January, and I find things to fill my time INDOORS. We love reviewing our collective work, helping horses in need, so here’s a short compilation of our accomplishments in 2014. Numbers don’t say it all but they don’t hurt! … read more

Stella, Oh How We Fight, Together

It’s important for us all to remember that Rosemary Farm has a very large herd (57 as of this writing!), and nearly all are in terrific health, stable and happy. This is especially rewarding considering the backgrounds of most and … read more