The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tricolor paint, a gregarious member of the square peg band. He was trained to ride in his past, but also suffered blunt trauma, that has slowly claimed his sight. Now blind, Behr relies on his best friends Christian and Zak for guidance and play. He is a big teddy bear of horse and one of the most beautiful boys we have seen.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.

Behr&Zakrun BehrHill Behrcoat

“We could feed a thousand horses…”

“You could feed 1,000 horses with what you are spending on that donkey”,  a critic wrote. Yes, for a day. Then what? Despite some concerns of strangers, we are making carefully processed decisions after extensive discussion with our team of … read more

Summer Tours

Join us any Saturday from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, at 11 am sharp, for a 90 minute Walking Tour of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary. Meet your favorite RF horses, see our historic farm, enjoy horses being horses. This is a great way to see how your donations matter! read more

Stay at the Guest House

The Guest House at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, located beside several of our grazing fields, with simply breath-taking views of the horses and hills. The three bedroom, one bath ranch house is available for rent on a nightly or weekly basis. read more

Coffee up, it’s going to be a long day

It’s an early March morning and I am sipping hot coffee, gazing out onto the fields. It’s a week past a big snowstorm, the snow receding to piles surrounded by dark mud paths. I gaze around to the various fields, … read more

Define “fence”. Go ahead.

(If you read this within 24 hours of it’s publication, I ask that you read the postscript added since then.) We share our stories and adventures honestly, even when they do not work out at planned. We risk baiting the … read more

How long we live

I have been writing and re-writing this blog, erasing entire sections, trying to say what I have to say. I have tried being poetic, or upbeat, something that will breathe life into the reader, something to inspire. I got nothin. … read more

The state of things, June 23, 2016

Nice to update once in awhile, the herds and their various conditions. Actually super fun to read in a few years, too. There are 66 here today! History shows this number going up, so maybe in a few years this … read more

Ella, and questions

Our most intense journey right now continues with Ella. She is probably just turning 1 yo about now, we don’t know for sure when she was born or where she is from. Saved at auction in November by a private … read more

Yes, we ride. And no, we don’t ride.

If you know one thing about Rosemary Farm Sanctuary , it’s that “success” with our horses is not defined by “use”. Success at Rosemary Farm is defined by the degree we can restore a horses inherent characteristics, it’s ability to “be” and … read more

Way back in the early days, in 2010….

This was one of many incidents between myself and Molly, a black percheron mare that I connected with at auction and bought back off the slaughter truck and brought home. That was November of 2009. Molly was quiet and seemed … read more

“Why save the freaks?”

Lameness, soreness, dental infections, flat feet, thin feet, dropped coffin bones, dropped backs, EPM, kissing spine, Intestinal Bowel Disorder, tendons that are swollen or bowed or pin-fired or blown out entirely…. wobblers syndrome, “lupus-like” skin photosensitivity, decaying pasterns, founder, cancer, … read more

“We choose you”

The choices we make and the choices we live with. Friday there was a horse auction we had hoped to attend. We do so because there are always horses there with no further hope or chance of a humane death, … read more