Square Peg Band

The ‘square pegs’ are a group of special needs horses here at Rosemary Farm, horses that are forming their own small groups as they build confidence and friendships.

The big draft cross Behr is a gorgeous tri-color paint.
Zak munching
Zak is a blind standardbred gelding.

One of the more beloved horses at the sanctuary, Annie is a senior percheron mare who survived a long difficult life before joining us here. Getting along with other horses is a challenge for her, she is cautious with her …

This handsome boy is a registered Andalusian and had a wonderful life before he was sold as a senior horse. He was supposed to be safe, but instead, within a year he ended up on a kill truck, anonymous. It …

Silver Bells
Generally known by her nickname Silvie, this saucy pale grey arabian mare joined Rosemary Farm just before Christmas in 2015. She spent several years alone, a solo horse, the last of a family of horses and people that either died …