The second wild mustang to join our herd, River is a gorgeous dapple grey gelding.

Isn’t he handsome? We could not say no to that face in need.

River was captured as a baby by the BLM, and spent his next 18 months in a holding pen. Those two events have largely formed how River views humans and explains why everyone since had such a huge challenge shaping River into any sort of a riding horse. He had several owners who tried to tame or train him, without success. It went from bad to worse; he went thru stall windows, over enclosures, under fencing. Finally River found himself at a boarding barn, surrendered over, and that family really went the extra mile to help him. After two years of work, trying in vain to train him, they reached out for help, and we are so grateful they did. His motto is ‘Don’t fence me in’ and here, with no real requirements other then peaceful cohabitation, River is a success. River joined Rosemary Farm in 2013 and has become a beloved member of the gang. We love that he is part of our herd, and we do hope to welcome more mustangs in the future!

River is not on our adoption list but is happy and healthy. He would be the ideal candidate for a ‘stay-doption’ to a mustang fan, and loves treats from visitors! Be sure to ask to see him if you visit!

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