Returning beauty Lexi; we first met this petite beauty when she KICKED HARD against the trailer enclosure parked in front of our barn. We had agreed to take two colts from a dealer as he was en route to auction; we unloaded the timid pair (Sawyer and Hamlet) and the banging began. “What do you have in there?” I asked, “Oh, it’s the mother of that little one”, he replied, pointing at Hamlet. “Where is she going?”, “Takin’ her to auction.”. Needless to say, we unloaded her and bought her on the spot. She was re-united with her son Hamlet and his adopted brother Sawyer (they were weaned together) because even though Lexi could not nurse him any longer, since the separation had dried up her milk, she was still his MOMMA! And she remained so that first winter here, taking care of both boys, helping them get strong, before they were sufficient enough to join the Stud Boys for a Summer of Fun. But that’s another story.
Lexi is gorgeous, quite possibly with paso or welsh blood, petite, refined, with a thick mane and tail, and beautiful gaits. She does have training, and she was adopted and happy with her new family for three years. Sadly that family suffered tragedy, and all the animals and humans needed to find a new home. We are sad for them but proud that our contract not only allows, but requires, that horses return to Rosemary Farm. Lexi is back, safe and settling in, reconnecting with some of the horses that were here before she left. All is ok, and in time, Lexi may find a new family. She always has Rosemary Farm.
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