Leo arrived as a tiny infant, just a few days old, with his young frightened mother Piper. Since that time, he has grown into a gentle friendly boy, a beautiful tricolor who just celebrated his 3rd birthday, in Feb 2016! Leo and Piper have gotten training and care as they have both grown and matured in the protection of the herd.

Leo is apart from Piper enough now that we would consider an adoption. Since we don’t know who his father is, we don’t know how big he will be, but I think he will get somewhere around 14.3 hh. Tall, sweet and gentle, he is a love of a boy, and gorgeous with a tricolor pattern. Currently he has latched onto River, along with Piper and a band of others, happy and roaming the mountains of Rosemary Farm.

leo&piperfbheader LeoGrowing