Yanaha, the princess



The Oklahoma fillies arrived in March of 2015. As many of our friends know, it was a traumatic save from kill pens there, and the two fillies arrived near death. There are many valid questions about the entire experience that are worth exploring further, but for this page, we are celebrating the one who lived; Yanaha. Navajo for ‘Brave’, this chestnut filly stumbled off the trailer in the early evening of March 17, 2015, with her tiny sister, Sialea-lea. Both were quite literally covered and being eaten alive by thousands of ticks; hanging off her belly in clumps like fruit, covering every inch of their bodies. We have never seen anything like it and hope never to again.
We brought all of our medical knowledge and team to help, but it was clear we were going to lose the littler one, Sialea-lea, who was gone just 36 hours after arrival. Yanaha was close, requiring emergency hospitalization, blood transfusion, body clipping and multiple baths, worming, ulcer meds, care for a wound, pneumonia, and a visible heart murmur.
Yes, it is amazing she lived.
Now that she has been with us awhile we are starting to breath. Every day she is stronger, and under the wing of Honey Pie, herself a recovered miracle, she is learning to be a horse.
Check our facebook page for regular updates on this little girl as she grows stronger, and continues to delight everyone she meets.

UPDATE: Dec 24, 2015, the Princess Yanaha, with her friend Riley, moved to their new home! They are on a foster-t0-adopt contract while everyone gets to know each other before determining if it’s a forever home. We will share updates as we have them!