These are our rescued horses that are currently off the farm on foster, rehab, training or medical leave.

This is Cisco’s page.
The Phantom
The Phantom
"The Phantom" - one eyed, big strong pale appaloosa gelding.

Yanaha, the princess
  The Oklahoma fillies arrived in March of 2015. As many of our friends know, it was a traumatic save from kill pens there, and the two fillies arrived near death. There are many valid questions about the entire experience …

This is the new page for Falcon, a former ranch horse with a checkered past, surrendered to Rosemary Farm in the fall of 2015. Cautious at first, this boy is willing to trust and is being given some time to …

Another BLM branded mustang, Pilgrim was surrendered to Rosemary Farm in the summer of 2015. Like many, he had a few owners and a few scary events and trust is hard won. He’s a sweetheart, we are thrilled he is part …

Cooper was saved from slaughter in March of 2012, and arrived here with his momma.