Violet Ruth Beaujolais

Violet was one of our earliest saves, from the kill pens, billed as an adult draft horse cross, or sport horse. She arrived one winter day with a load of horses we saved together, and of course they were all sick. She was also not a cross, or a sport horse, but actually a young percheron. We all grew together, as the horses got healthy, and nearly all of that group have since been adopted. Many came to meet Violet, were inspired by her size but were not a match… except the person who helped us get her free that day. Violet became one of our first ‘staydopted’ horses, being supported here at Rosemary Farm for life (and her middle name honors a special woman). She is a special case, a horse that has lead bands here and is a special greeter to new horses that need a friend. Actually her current best friend is Alice, our mule!

Started under saddle and driving, we also hope that Violet will make appearances on behalf of Rosemary Farm in the future, now that she is a young adult. Be sure to say hello to Violet when you visit the sanctuary!

Violet arrived from the kill pens 3/15/10 and her first year here...

Violet arrived from the kill pens 3/15/10 and her first year here at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary

violetfall2014 Violet 10-8-12