Senna, a grulla mustang

“I was born wild, but as a young filly, I was rounded up, captured, tagged, branded, and sold. I lost my whole herd and have not seen them again. I travelled a long way from Nevada, and lived in Virginia before being sold again. It’s not been easy, I have often wondered ‘why’. I’m 16 years old now, and I’ve been a lot of places recently and had begun to really lose hope. In March of 2016  I moved again, to this place, this ‘sanctuary’. The horses are fat and happy, calm and at peace. I am trying to learn one more time, to trust. I can’t be wild again, but I hope I have a family. And it begins with supporters, new friends, and a new name.
I am now ‘Senna’, and I live at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.
Thank you for helping me.”

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