Remy almost didn’t get to Rosemary Farm. He was stuck in a kill pen in 2010, sick, thin and depressed. We had chosen four horses to save and the trailer was scheduled to haul, but before we were allowed to get the group, one mare died. This left a spot on the rig, so Remy was tapped. He was named after the famous painter Frederick Remington, because he looked like such a classic western cow pony. It’s hard to imagine the sanctuary without his charismatic self now. Remy took awhile to get healthy and sound, and finally when we did ride him, we found a horse with a lot of skill but little patience for silliness; Remy has dumped several of us! Now that he is over 20 yo, we feel this palomino boy has earned his retirement, and he is also now an important leader here, serving to guide many younger horses as they are welcomed here. Remy is close with Duke, Kismet, Nala and Alice and will happily say hello when you visit! Remy would be open for sponsorship or even a staydoption. Come say hi!

Deb&Remy IMG_8091 rehab-RemyHead

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