This arab gelding is a deep soul.

Pulled from a crappy dealers lot, where he had cycled through at least once before, this horse was in a downward spiral. Loved once, really well trained, really well bred, somehow he had gotten caught in the sale cycle as he aged, and it was not going well. It is hard for us to imagine our beloved boy in harms way. Kismet joined RF in the fall of 2013, and he has been on our adoption list, but despite his training and beauty, there aren’t a lot of folks who will adopt a senior. No matter to him, he has made friends here with many species. In the winter of 2014 Kismet coliced, and we thought we might lose him; he made a trip to the equine hospital where three days of supportive care set him right. I mention this primarily because of what happened when Kismet returned. He is so well behaved that it’s sometimes hard to know that he is unhappy. I did notice when I picked him up, his immediate response to my voice, the focus on me and the anxious looks. He got right on the trailer, our trailer, and we drove the 90 minutes home. Upon arrival, I opened the side door first and he stuck his nose out quickly, breathed deep. Home. He had not been sold again. It was then that I really understood this horse’s plight, at the mercy of humans. No say in when he was sold or whether he was sold. Kismet hopped off the trailer, was unhooked, and made his way down on his own to the barns, where he waited for me to follow and open the gate for him. Kismet is home here. No need for anything more.

Kismet, Ashley and Toshi.


Kismet is a perfect gentleman

with humans, but puts the young horses in their place!sawyer&kismet


Handsome gentle boy.



Kismet now has a special staydopter covering his needs at that sanctuary for life. Thank you for such generosity, it could not be given to a sweeter horse.