We got a tip this summer that a mustang we had been tracking quietly, had turned up suddenly at auction.

Again.  This time with an amish dealer.

We hooked up the rig, called ahead to a friend to watch him, and drove out, in time to bid against the kill buyer (the only other buyer interested) and save his life. That night, thin, limping, and shaking with fear, he didn’t present much of a picture, and it was reasonable for him to be that terrified. Over the course of two months he had been passed around, sold and re-sold, and for a half wild young mustang, this was too much. Welcomed to Rosemary Farm, this 6 yo BLM branded American Mustang has revealed an intelligent and engaging personality, become buddies with the other youngsters in his herd, and always anxious to prove his worth to Remy, who has taken him under his wing. We do expect that this youngster will be one of our main mustangs showing how trust and handling is done!. Right now, we are enjoying watching him blossom.

Update; in Dec 2015 a family stepped up to Staydopt Firefly! He will be safe and supported for life at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary

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