Trooper is still a very emotional horse for us here at Rosemary Farm.

Arriving fall of 2014 with a horribly deformed leg and an equally huge spirit, he challenged us to really question what it is to be kind to a horse, what it is to BE a horse. He lived with us for nine months and we did our very best to provide him the space, and the safety, to exist happily.

And Trooper enjoyed every minute of it, being a HORSE. He enjoyed meeting many of you who came to visit, he enjoyed the company of mares, the friendship of geldings, the mud to roll, the hay to sleep in, he was happy. It was heartbreaking for us the day his leg gave way. We knew that day would come but we hoped it might be years away, even as that hope was born more from the heart then the truth of what our eyes told us.

Trooper was dearly loved, and much missed, but not forgotten.
TrooperTrees IMG_1080 TrooperBarn Troopertrot