StellaBlanketSnow StellaMaskClose bay Stella, a breathtaking Trakehner mare with a really impressive pedigree, joined Rosemary Farm in the fall of 2013. Her heritage and show record was something, but nonetheless did not protect her when her last owner didn’t want her any more, and was sending her to slaughter. The reasons given had to do with her lack of being able to get pregnant again, and a painful (read ‘expensive’) eye issue. She had been manhandled and was sometimes dangerous, and her size made that a very real concern. Stella had problems, and was in crisis, but she also had a friend, who got her to Rosemary Farm. What a big loving mare she was when she relaxed! Together, for a year, we worked to fix that eye, and in the process built trust and gentleness, but all our efforts could not save her left eye. That was in November of 2014. While it was the right decision because it was really the only decision remaining, Stella’s next journey was adjusting to living and moving with one eye. The stress and fear caused her remaining eye to begin flaring up and we really thought we were going to lose her. As part of our solution, we discovered some amazing protective eyewear that offered much better visibility, as well as protection, and that made a big difference for her. Her life stabilized again, running with her buddies in the field. She would lower he huge head for us to put on her mask and we would hope we were beyond the worst for her…..Despite this Stella suffered from occasional flare ups, which were scary for everyone, most especially her. The panic she would suffer from when blind during these bouts gave us great concern for a future for her. We worked through each episode, the last in early 2017. Her sight was failing and we were worried but trying to come up with creative solutions. It was a deep shock when Stella was found one more, in her stall, passed away overnight. Nothing to do with her eyesight, Stella left us too soon. Her big presence is missed by her human and horse herd, but we are grateful for the few years she spent sharing our family.