Arriving in the winter of 2015, Lucas was a used up riding horse, still with a wonderful personality, that of an old horse who has survived humans. His back was so sore that it couldn’t be touched, he had a dental issue, hoof issues, he was kind of a mess. Lucas spent the winter in a dedicated stall opposite Autumn Moon, who was messed up in her own way, and together they enjoyed being loved and cared for. By spring, both had recovered enough to enjoy more turnout, and in the summer, spent time in one of the big areas, Strawberry Field, where they romped and enjoyed, grass, trees, apples, and company. But Lucas never got over all his issues, and started having problems moving, and staying sound. There are some horses that we never totally get back. By fall, Lucas was declining, and after a bout of colic, he was helped over the Rainbow Bridge. With horses like Lucas, their large soul and spirit are what echoes after they have gone. Autumn and the rest of us are working to adjust. We are very glad Lucas was part of our family.

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