AJ&YanniDoorApplejack’s journey with Rosemary Farm began and ended in 2015. Already a senior when we met and welcomed him, he was a loved boy with a family at the end of their rope. Seniors are difficult to welcome because they struggle as much emotionally as they do physically, and he was no different. Although gentle with humans, he was anxious to show his strength and worth to the herd, but was no longer the fit, young gelding he once was. Still gorgeous and sweet with people, he slowly found his way here, and really came into his own emotionally when paired with Honey Pie and helped to adopt and raise the Princess Yanaha. The trio were beautiful to watch. Honey Pie has her own medical challenges and needed to leave for surgery, so Applejack took over the job of being a solo parent for the filly. He did so wonderfully, protecting and shepherding the growing girl. Spring turned to summer, turned to fall, and physical issues became insurmountable for the handsome appy. He was helped over the rainbow bridge at the sanctuary and buried here, as with all our close equine friends. We were proud to be here for him and to have enjoyed his presence at the end of his journey.

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