Aggie Jo, the Minx

Joined Rosemary Farm a tiny fierce little fireball, more matted fur and bones then anything else, just 8 months old. Jojo was a spitfire, with a piercing demanding whinny, a lightness of being, an entitlement to herself. We would never know the size she would have been had she not been starved, or the length of life she would have enjoyed had she not been so sick as a baby…those issues, it turns out, left physical scars as well as emotional ones. At three years old, she started having colic episodes, painful and severe, and we resumed our journey of trying to save her life again. Test after test, a mystery of symptoms and clues. It was early spring, late April 2015, nearly five years from her arrival, that the worst colic hit, and hard. It was lucky that I found her; just a few hours earlier she was fine, eating with the others, but by 7pm she was writhing on the ground. Surgery had been avoided until now, but it was all we had left. They tried to save her, they did try, but all we did get were some answers to what we had been struggling with; the damage from those very first illnesses had done damage that was not fixable. Our fierce little filly was laid to rest. The first filly to grow up with us has left a void that will not be filled. What a spirit she had.Jo&Gropada