Rainbow Bridge

Here are some of the wonderful horses that graced the fields of Rosemary Farm. You have now made your way over the “Rainbow Bridge” my friends, but we will always remember you…

This is Oberon’s page.
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This is Ben’s page.
The walking shadow of a gorgeous thoroughbred mare was presented at auction, stumbling on the floor. Even the hardened crowd winced and no one wanted her. We were there and raised our card. We learned her name, we learned her …

This is Buckaroo’s page.

Pearl, a gentle 20 something Percheron mare and ex-amish plow horse.

  bay Stella, a breathtaking Trakehner mare with a really impressive pedigree, joined Rosemary Farm in the fall of 2013. Her heritage and show record was something, but nonetheless did not protect her when her last owner didn’t want her …

Navajo for “Little Bluebird”, she was with us just 36 hours. Arriving on a trailer from Oklahoma, pulled to safety with seven other foals from a load of horses heading to slaughter in Mexico, she was so sick that she …

Aggie Jo, the Minx
Joined Rosemary Farm a tiny fierce little fireball, more matted fur and bones then anything else, just 8 months old. Jojo was a spitfire, with a piercing demanding whinny, a lightness of being, an entitlement to herself. We would never …

Arriving in the winter of 2015, Lucas was a used up riding horse, still with a wonderful personality, that of an old horse who has survived humans. His back was so sore that it couldn’t be touched, he had a …

Applejack’s journey with Rosemary Farm began and ended in 2015. Already a senior when we met and welcomed him, he was a loved boy with a family at the end of their rope. Seniors are difficult to welcome because they …

Trooper is still a very emotional horse for us here at Rosemary Farm. Arriving fall of 2014 with a horribly deformed leg and an equally huge spirit, he challenged us to really question what it is to be kind to …