Nemo! The little donkey that could

Welcomed as an emergency case in July 2017, little Nemo had a rough life for a baby donkey so far. Only 15 months old, he was suffering from multiple untreated fractures in his left front leg. He could barely drag it painfully around, and this was not recent damage. The poor fellow was suffering daily, and so when Rosemary Farm had the chance to intervene, we did. But big decisions had to be made; Nemo was at a crossroads. Should we end his life or try to save it, by losing his leg? Big decisions for a little fellow, but we felt very strongly that he was owed a chance. There are many other donkeys living happily with three legs and with prosthetic limbs, and since Nemo was such a young fellow, our great hope was in his ability to adjust and change. (this is similar to the big questions we had about Zak those years ago, our blind standardbred, who is now very happy).

Nemo underwent the operation to remove his painful destroyed leg at the end of July, and almost immediately there was relief on his face. He has been at the hospital, enjoying care and love for the first time in his life. Nemo’s shaggy coat was shaved, and good nutrition is helping him feel stronger. Our friends at Rhinebeck Equine have been very kind in their help to our newest little member of the family.

His first prosthetic has been created by Ronnie Graves, and Nemo has begun to wear it! Shortly he will come HOME, to Rosemary Farm, and his life here will begin, sharing with the other horses that are happy at the sanctuary. A special stall has been created!  We have a fundraiser that is ongoing as Nemo’s initial expenses are identified and slowly met.

We will update to share his progress as he comes home and begins his new life!