The first arrival to Rosemary Farm in 2016!

This is a percheron filly was just 5-6 months old when she was dropped at auction, alone, because of a physical issue; she has extreme laxity in her front legs. This condition can sometimes be corrected but it takes work, vet care, money and attention, something her original owners did not want to provide. Ella was lucky, because at auction that night was a kind person who was there shopping for a saddle, and took pity on the lonely young filly. Instead of finding her saddle, she saved the filly’s life for just $30. I am told the auctioneer jeered at her when she won the filly on the auction floor… but,  she was safe.  After a short time, the new owner began to understand the medical challenges the filly faced, and reached out for help and found Rosemary Farm.  Now 9 – 10 months old Ella arrived safely in the last week of March, 2016.

We are still getting to know her condition and her personality, but we are very encouraged.  Initial X-rays did not indicate any bone breakage, and trimming and training have begun in earnest. Ella clearly comes from good ‘stock’, and I imagine her parents are work horses somewhere, calm and strong. She has inherited a terrific disposition, and loves attention,  learning all we ask. We are working with her every day and hope to turn around her legs and thus, her future.

Sponsors for Ella’s care are most welcome, she will not be cheap. We have a strong reaction to babies that haven’t even had their chance yet, and hope you agree that she is worth giving the love and care to see if she can have a life.

Help sponsor Ella with a monthly donation! This will occur as an automatic monthly credit card charge.

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