Sawyer arrived in the fall of 2010, a frightened 6 month old colt, with his buddy Hamlet. Turned out that Hamlet’s mother was shipping to auction that day, so we intervened, got her, and reunited them. Sawyer was a lucky colt, spending his early years here at the sanctuary, a strong and handsome snowflake appy gelding. In 2015 he was started under saddle, trailered to some clinics, and seemed ready to step out into the world to lead his own band! Sawyer spent two months out on a foster contract but true love it was not, so he is at Rosemary Farm, with his herd family, continuing training, playing with his herd, living his life. What more could a horse ask? 🙂




If you are interested in adopting Sawyer, please read our adoption guidelines and fill out our adoption form both available here on our Adopt! page.
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