Rhett Butler

Rhett rolling

Rhett rolling

Gentle Rhett, a 17 year old gaited paint gelding from the south,  after passing thru three auctions in as many months, and losing his brother along the way. Mishandled somewhere in his past, he can be fearful under tack, and has throat damage that affects his performance. Rhett arrived here early July, 2011 and is finally settling in and finding friends and peace.

Update; The summer of 2015 we discovered a tumorous lump and Rhett was sent first for a biopsy, which confirmed it was malignant, then for removal, the for follow up chemotherapy. We believe that we have gotten on top of this issue, but Rhett is going to remain safely in sanctuary. He would welcome support or perhaps a staydopter to form a special bond while helping support him here at Rosemary Farm.

Update; The winter of 2016, we saw the tumor resurface, indicating a re-growth in the area of our previous surgery. After discussion with our team, we decided to pursue a ‘radical re-section’ of the cancerous area, without knowing how bad the tumor might turn out to be, or how tough the surgery or recovery would be. He deserved this chance. We are just over one month from the surgery, and our surgical team at Rhinebeck did a wonderful job, and we followed that here at Rosemary Farm, caring for Rhett and his wound every day. He is healing beautifully. He is stepping a bit oddly and so we are watching him for stability and balance as we carefully introduce him back to his herd. Just last week he got another round of localized chemotherapy to kill off any remaining cancer cells and we hope, so hope, this is the end of it. Rhett is off the active adoption list but would welcome a special ‘staydopter’ if such a person wanted to sponsor him exclusively, or a daily sponsor towards his care. He’s a special boy and we are so happy he has survived this latest challenge.

Update; It’s July 2016, and the cancer has returned again. After a year of fighting this, two surgeries and multiple returns for localized chemo, we have to accept that we are in hospice mode with our beloved boy. What is fair or right? He has been in our family for five years, 1/3 of his life. He has been loved and cared for, he has enjoyed steady friends and good health, until this. Sometimes we need to recognize what we do have, and give Rhett the best care and love possible for his remaining months. Not easy to write, not easy to accept, not easy to find grace….but for his sake, we must.

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