The vibrant spitfire that is Ava now is a far cry from the horse we met a few years ago! Ava is now coming 8yo, 13.3 hh and healthy, begun under saddle two years ago lightly, she needs an intermediate or better rider to help her as she grows emotionally into your riding partner.

Ava, a young frightened mother, was saved at auction 10/12/12 with her tiny filly, Jess at her side. It was a save that nearly did not happen.  Both were sent to auction with little training,  in very poor health, and it was an awful night, full of horses and people, terrifying the pair. The more people that poked at her, the more upset Ava became, and it didn’t help that she was also pregnant with another baby… A friend of RF bid and saved the pair and brought them to us. Ava was saved that night, along with her tiny daughter Jess, but she did lose her pregnancy, which is all too common for pregnant mares at auction.

The stress and fear of it all was just too much.

After arriving, her training and health proceeded in small bits, as Ava’s anger slowly waned and her health increased. It’s been a few years now, Ava and her girl are safe and together at RF, getting training and health care, and has even been started under saddle. This beautiful haflinger mare has her chance restored and her future lays wide open, safe.

Ava is very engaging, petite, gorgeous haflinger mare, full of life, young and ready to bond with a special person, ready to take over the world.

Is it you?

If you are interested in adopting Ava, please read our adoption guidelines and fill out our adoption form both available here on our Adopt! page.
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