Molly’s Band

The largest herd at the sanctuary, headed by the force of nature that is Molly, alongside the handsome, calm leader that Finn has grown into being. Running the mountainside at liberty, crossing the 15′ brook, resting in the 100′ pole barn, this herd is the youngest and strongest here. Many youngsters are raised by this herd, taught manners, taught loyalty, taught the joys of being a horse. This makes them strong, smart, calm and very athletic. Overall this is the healthiest herd you will see in a fortnight!

Rhett Butler
Gentle Rhett Butler, a 14 yo paint from the south.

Ava is a Halfie mother saved at auction with her filly, Jess.
Gypsy gentle pale paint mare
Gypsy is a beautiful and gentle pale paint mare.

Little Nell
A tiny, adorable welsh pony mare, who arrived as part of a trio we dubbed, the ‘pony club’.  Little Nell had her daughter in tow and was with her best friend, a connemara mare. She has riding training and is …

The youngest and tiniest member of Rosemary Farm, Katniss makes up for it with her exuberance and fierce spirit. She is still at her mothers side, technically, but most of the time this 24 month old filly is emulating the …

Sawyer arrived in the fall of 2010, a frightened 6 month old colt, with his buddy Hamlet. Turned out that Hamlet’s mother was shipping to auction that day, so we intervened, got her, and reunited them. Sawyer was a lucky …

Molly was saved from slaughter in 2009, literally as she was walking onto the truck to Canada. Now she guides the main band at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.

Finn, our first auction save (though not our first horse rescue) back in 2009, for just $5.

This is Clover’s page.

Cleo is a tall (and growing!) [rf_age y='2010' long='true'] filly, with one blue eye. Available for adoption to the right forever home!

Whisper, our BLM mustang boy, had a rough journey from his life of freedom to his life here at Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.


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  2. Beth Covert says:

    Oh, and I’m going to come visit the Haffies I helped to save in October…looking forward to seeing the place and them.

  3. Sue Steiner says:

    Loved reading about the rescues. Finn’s transformation is wonderful to see!

  4. Dan Marino says:

    Fabulous mission and healings! Great to hear / see dedication to do good and revive life’

  5. tanya says:

    i am sorry to hear that molly’s baby died i hope molly i ok. i lost a baby foal to colic

  6. Jennifer Santerre says:

    Hello Rosemary Farm,
    I’m hoping you will add the rest of the herd’s pics to this page as I look forward to posting out in hopes of getting them into adopted homes with a little bit of help networking! Hope to see you when I visit soon, JUDE is gonna be a stunner, and he won’t be around for long, I’m pretty sure of that so I’ve gotta get my butt up there fast!

  7. Phyll says:

    What a wonderful place! Hope to come visit. You’re doing fantastic work!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! ! ! !

  8. Dawn Robyn says:

    Finn is not for Sale.

  9. mary prelle says:

    Inspired and touched…my life was all horse and then I was unable to have them anymore. May never ride again but will find a way to help in whatever way I can. HOpe to visit the next time I am back EAst that would be a highlight to my life I know I would not forget.