Oliver, the grand old man

Oliver arrived as a starved former show horse, handsome, well mannered, self possessed, despite his deplorable condition. He was with three mares, a group we dubbed ‘Herd Skinny’, kept in the near field for that first winter so we could give them abundant food and tlc. With him was Jinx, Faline, and Oreo, (all now adopted). Oliver took the longest to recover. As part of his lameness exams, we x-rayed his feet and discovered that he is what is called a ‘sinker’; this means that he foundered in his past, probably several times, and his hooves have ‘sunk’ inside their capsules. The result is very thin soles, sore feet, lameness, and strange divots in his frogs that will not grow back in. Oliver also suffered from terrible teeth (a lack of dental care) and has had multiple infections. Fighting for his life became a recurring theme here, and several times we really thought we were at the end. But we would try ‘one more thing’ and with a persistent vet, Oliver was taken off the ‘extreme’ list time and again.

Oliver has been with us several years now, is at a great weight, has steady girlfriends, and is at peace. He is a house favorite and one that we are sure to introduce to our visitors! When you visit, ask to say hello to our grand old man Oliver.
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