The second arrival to Rosemary Farm in 2016, Luna is a 21 year old registered APHA mare with many show points at both the amateur and professional level, many assorted wins, championships and titles…none of which kept her safe from harm when her ‘use’ was up. Luna was suffering from a nasty infected tumor growing through her eye when  she was picked up on Easter Sunday, 2016.

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Three days later, she was on the surgeon’s table with an unknown outcome, but anything was better then living in pain and infection. She was lucky, and the tumor that had grown into her eye did not infect the bone from all indications, and the tumor and eye were both removed. Luna spent her first summer at RF learning how to move with one eye, and enjoying some light riding while we sought an adopter. However, the shy Luna did not always do well with horse friends, and by the summer of 2017, with no adoption interest and Luna crossing into her 20’s, we decided to try something new. We switched herd groups for her, introducing her to Marshall and his band. Success! The lovely Luna is now a valued member of a herd group, and no longer alone. This is all we every want for our horses and are thrilled that her transition is finally complete.

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Soon after surgery, recovering at Rosemary Farm.


Luna in 2017! Shown checking out her new digs, and grazing beside Marshall, content at last.