This tall dark drink of thoroughbred was an early intake for Rosemary Farm, before it was even an official non-profit. Out for 4 1/2 years, he returned to RF in January of 2016. He is now a 23 yo boy and has had a multi-career past; he was a racehorse in his early years, then was donated to the police force on Long Island, where he spent two years guarding the parks. Fred was very sweet but could be timid, not the ideal police horse, so was ‘decommissioned’ and given to a private home. After a few years, suffering from some soundness issues, he was given away again and moved to upstate NY. Despite the best intentions of his family, Fred found himself living alone and was getting depressed. He was the first horse we welcomed that had not seen a horse in over a year, and his pure joy at seeing his own species has strongly affected our adoption policies, and how we manage horses here. They are never alone. Fred was a house favorite, and with his police background, was highly sought after, but for various reasons, his two placements did not work. With his soundness in question, and most homes wanting to be able to ‘use’ a horse, his moves are done. Fred still has friends here, and this is always his home, so he is back to stay. He has earned his retirement.

We would welcome a special sponsor or staydopter to help with Freddy’s needs, and he will be sure to greet you when you visit!

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