The last horse of 2014 welcomed to Rosemary Farm, Dante is a 25 year old beautiful pale grey Andalusian/thoroughbred cross gelding who needed a soft spot to land. He does have riding training, both indoor (beginning dressage) and on the trail. As a senior horse we were a bit worried about how he would adjust, but we are happy to report that at the time of writing, he is quite smitten with our mare Hava, a beautiful girl of a similar breed, color and age. It’s working out for Dante.

Update Nov 2015; Dante has had a tumor beside his jaw and we have examined it and kept it in check; while we think it’s benign, we cannot get weight on Dante despite many medical tests and an enormous amount of food! Despite being underweight, he is super happy, highly energetic, and deeply bonded to Hava. If someone wanted to enjoy the pair (how many have an andalusian and a lippizaner in their back yard?) we would consider an adoption or a staydoption for the pair. He is safe and happy; what more could one desire?

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If you are interested in adopting Dante, please read our adoption guidelines and fill out our adoption form both available here on our Adopt! page.
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