Ruby has an unusual and challenging past.

Born soon after her mother sold at auction, the pair were the only horses in the family. Ruby was a surprise. As she grew, she was not really trained, even though her mother was ridden; Ruby remained a wild child. The years passed, and one day suddenly, their owner died. The remaining family members tried, but Ruby at 12yo was a tank, and knew how to chase and intimidate people. The home was foreclosed, and the pair of horses came to Rosemary Farm, summer of 2014. It was the first time Ruby has seen others of her kind.

Progress is sporadic. After time and effort Ruby is now integrated with a herd, and has horse friends. Her aggression towards humans (which is just a horses way of being in charge, altho extreme) is slowly passing, as she continues to lose those challenges. I’m not gonna lie, this mare is tough for us! Step by step, day by day, we are trying.

Update; from early winter 2015. Ruby cut her leg. This cut was underneath her fetlock and went up and inside her leg, sort of like underneath your wrist. It was serious and we had to step up our handling together in order to clean it and hope it would be ok. It was not ok and Ruby could not walk. The vets examined her, we began treatment, without success. She grew worse, and the revised diagnosis was an internal infection inside the fetlock joint, with about a 50/50 recovery. In a ‘normal’ horse, an owner would have likely pursued surgery or put the horse down. Many phone calls and soul searching and we decided to pursue a third option, with some intense care on the farm. With a vet team, we flushed out the joint and filled it with antibiotics, and followed up with injected antibiotics and supportive wraps. Previously we would not have gone near Ruby with a needle! Nor safely picked up her feet. This was a big step forward as we fought for her life. Several times I expected that we were going to be putting Ruby down, and we pushed again. After weeks of care, we started to breathe. The swelling slowly receded and it was slowly clear that she had survived! This was one of our big miracles of 2015, both the bonding and the journey. Ruby is not a ‘different’ horse, but our bond is different and I am very excited about her future.

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