Iron is a tall dark and handsome thoroughbred, 20 year old , with dark points and white chrome. Surrendered to RF in the summer of 2014, he settled into the Gentle Band quickly, becoming the protector of Riley and the frequent escort of Ruby and Honey Pie. He has ‘kissing spine’ and cannot be ridden without pain, so he is on ‘companion horse’ list. Almost a year after arrival, Iron stepped on a nail and punctured his navicular bursa. Given a 50% survival rate and an expensive and difficult surgery and recovery, we weighed what was best, and decided to try. Iron came through the surgery very well, handling everything in stride; his calm demeanor is one reason we felt he had a good chance of getting through it well. Step by step, he slowly healed, slowly got more turnout time, finally got his hospital plates off, and got well. It took months of work. Iron remains on a modified turnout plan, spending his days with Honey Pie, who also had major surgery in 2015 and came out successfully. We’re excited about these two personable horses remaining part of our family! Both are open for sponsorship or staydoption. Iron would be considered for an adoption as a companion horse if someone had a solo horse that needed company. Iron hasn’t met a horse he doesn’t like, gets along great with both geldings and mares! We are glad he is part of our family.

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If you are interested in adopting Iron, please read our adoption guidelines and fill out our adoption form both available here on our Adopt! page.
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