Honey Pie

A great success story at the sanctuary is Honey Pie. She has blogs and blogs written about her recovery. She even has her own facebook page, under ‘Honey Pie Productions’.

Honey Pie arrived in 2013, gravely ill and very depressed. She was suffering from an auto-immune issue similar to lupus, attacking the skin on her face, and her pastern was collapsing in her left foot. (if you have known anyone before they had a knee replacement, then you may understand the pain that Honey Pie was in). Literally she was driven and ridden until she could not trot any more, then was dumped. She was depressed, sad, worn out. We began working on her issues one by one; months passed, and slowly she recovered. The last big step was major surgery on her collapsed left front pastern, which was performed in the spring of 2014; with great success! Recovery takes time but the results are well worth it, as we see in Honey Pie.

Spring of 2015 and we had a new challenge with Honey Pie, as her second pastern started to decay at a faster rate then anticipated. At that time, HP was serving as a foster mother to a filly that Rosemary Farm had rescued. She was allowed to continue in that role for another month before returning again to surgery. The right front pastern was a much more difficult surgery then the left, and required three months of solid stall rest before we could breath again. This was not easy on any of us, especially her, but her training and her character were strong, and after those 12 weeks, she began limited turnout and hand walking. Long recovery but worth it.

As of this writing, it has been over a year since her last major surgery. She and Iron spent months in recovery together, growing strong again. As fall became winter, we kept both in easy areas with low maintenance and Ruby joined them. The Princess Yanni, her adopted daughter, left in December on a foster to adopt contract, but in the spring of 2016, returned. It had been 9 months since the pair had seen each other and there was a joyous reunion. Since then, Yanni has been running with Iron and Honey Pie, as all three have enjoyed renewed health and happiness. Now maybe 19 year old, we expect Honey Pie will enjoy a long life here at the sanctuary.

HoneyPieHeart HoneyPieSunset


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