July 2017  Update; Toby has been stricken with some neurologic issues that we are treating, including chronic Lyme and extreme selenium deficiency. At this time he is improving and happy but we cannot say whether Toby will be available for future riding. Thank you to all who care and support our horses without concern for their skills!

Toby is a 15 hh  17 year old morgan gelding, and beloved member of the RF herd.

He has had quite a past, and we know several years of it, which is unusual. Purchased from a dealer to be used at a kids camp, Toby performed faithfully for two years before a large sell off (we have photos of Toby with youngsters on the trail!). He moved to a private home that didn’t actually ride much, and he was with one mare, but a financial crisis meant another move. The other mare was actually adopted from RF, and so when she returned, Toby came along for safe re-homing.

Toby is easily one of our best riding horses, and I can’t say why he ended up here, unless the scars on his nose are off-putting to homes. Whether it was a too tight halter or bad handling, that bit is lost to history. Toby has a way with people, so gentle and calm, everyone (this writer included!) falls in love. If I had a private farm with a few horses, Toby would be one of them. He is a natural leader, he is stout and strong, not too tall, an easy keeper, and super light to guide from the saddle. A love, I tell you!

What is the downside? Well there is one, it’s minor but needs to be respected. While Toby is not a stallion (and not a cryptorchid), he acts like one. Toby will be the leader of your herd. If you have a leader already, this might be a problem. With a group of just geldings, Toby is fine. With a group of just mares, Toby is very happy. With a mixed herd of geldings and mares, Toby will need to be in charge. We have sadly turned down some adoptive homes because even though Toby will be safe enough for your beginner rider, he needs a more experienced horse owner to make sure everyone avoids trouble.

Today, Toby is lucky to have a spot at a private farm, with just boys, and a lot of love.

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