Herd Harmony

Boys only in Herd Harmony, and nice easy fields for safe movement. This is the group where the geldings go who have trouble playing nice when mares are around, or who just need a quieter environment. We are excited to have this new option!

July 2017  Update; Toby has been stricken with some neurologic issues that we are treating, including chronic Lyme and extreme selenium deficiency. At this time he is improving and happy but we cannot say whether Toby will be available for …

Zee’s new page; more shortly!

This is the arabian gelding Ice’s page; more shortly!

This is the page for our arabian gelding Magic. More shortly!

The irascible Puck arrived after an abuse case, as a starved yearling stud colt with issues, both physical and emotional. He suffers from some dwarf-like symptoms, has a dropped back (lordosis) and crowded teeth. He can be food aggressive and …