General Snowplow!

When a horse outlives it’s person, it can be a very sad situation for all.

Such was the case with Plow, a beloved retired dressage horse who had enjoyed the rare life of having one owner since he was very young. Together they rode and did clinics and a few shows, they shared a bond. Cancer broke that bond, and the remaining family did not have the means to continue to cover board and expenses. Trying to find a new home, instead they found too many wrong answers; as a senior and as a sometime hothead, Plow didn’t fit into anyone’s ideas for him; he was too much for therapy programs or a safe beginner mount, but too old for most of the skilled riders who like his skill set…. Euthanasia was an option, but it was breaking hearts, and besides, Plow was in beautiful condition. Time was running out, and emails started coming to our office; pleas from those who knew his owner and from those who knew the horse; could we please make an exception, could we please make room? It was an unprecedented request from a community that still missed his owner, too. So, On Christmas Day 2016, we announced that Rosemary Farm would be the Snowplow’s new home, and at the end of the year, he arrived. Snowplow was still grieving his losses and it took us awhile to find a new friendship, new routines, and new horse pals. A big belgian/shire cross, Plow knows how to use his size when inclined! And soon after, Plow suffered from a bad choke episode that we worried was going to be his demise. Moving is very hard for a senior of any species, but we worked with Plow to adjust, bit by bit. Riding was also explored, and Plow showed us his stubborn side! But, as winter turned to spring and to summer, love blossomed again for Plow. Once one has gotten used to love in one’s life, it’s hard to live without. Snowplow was given many gifts by his former owner, and they all helped him survive his transition here. He is now a big part of the Rosemary Farm family, getting a chance to share his gifts with visitors and with all of us here.