Autumn Moon

A beautiful bright chestnut mare, her past and her thoughts a closely guarded mystery. When we spied her at auction (October 2014), she already believed that she was without hope or chance; she stood with her eyes slightly glazed over, her mane tightly wound in burdock and weeds, the halter digging into her jaw, and her face, beyond caring. We saved her from certain death, no doubt.

It is taking time for Autumn to come around, emotionally, and she may always be shy; whatever happened to her, changed her. At least her thin body recovered weight, her jaw healed, and her glorious mane revealed. Autumn Moon is a beauty. Probably close to 20 yo, we do not expect to be riding her. Autumn was possibly alone before being here, she does better with just one or two horses. Her first winter she was with Lucas, then he passed and she switched, now she is besties with Merry. If some wonderful patient home emerged that offered Autumn similar refuge to our sanctuary, where she could live without expectation of performance, we would love that for her, but those are very few and far between.

We expect that Autumn Moon will live out her days here in relative peace. Sponsors or one special Staydopter would be most welcome.

If you are interested in adopting Autumn Moon, please read our adoption guidelines and fill out our adoption form both available here on our Adopt! page.
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