The Gentle Band

These are the resident horses of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary.

Hamlet, our cuddly gentle pony colt.
Gracie, our beautiful and willful Lippizan mare!
Gracie, our beautiful and willful Lippizan mare!

Autumn Moon
A beautiful bright chestnut mare, her past and her thoughts a closely guarded mystery. When we spied her at auction (October 2014), she already believed that she was without hope or chance; she stood with her eyes slightly glazed over, …

Tess was welcomed in May of 2017. She was one of a much larger herd in need when her owner ran out of means and breeding got out of hand. However, Tess and all the horses were treated with love, and …

General Snowplow!
When a horse outlives it’s person, it can be a very sad situation for all. Such was the case with Plow, a beloved retired dressage horse who had enjoyed the rare life of having one owner since he was very …

The horse who started it all, the first horse of Rosemary Farm Sanctuary. Jack is an off the track thoroughbred, and was considered ‘a contender’ in his day, but lacked the racing heart to match his huge size. There were …