UPDATE; ADOPTED! January 2016- This saucy appy mare arrived in the summer of 2014, with her adult daughter Ruby. What a pair. They had not seen another horse in, well, in Ruby’s entire 14 years! Rosebud was a riding horse back in the day, sound but out of practice, while Ruby, well we had to begin at the beginning with Ruby. After getting to know the pair, and slowly introducing them to some of the RF horses, Rosebud switched bands and spent the summer of 2015 hitting the trail! She’s not the easiest ride but adores water, and is a devoted partner. Now that she is 22 yo, we realize her chances of getting adopted are less, but she is super happy with her herd.IMG_2683 IMG_6314 Rosebud&Angelride RosebudDebs RosebudRideHill