This beautiful purebred quarter horse colt was one of many that was thrown away, sold at auction to kill because of imperfection; he has a scar on his rear leg from a minor injury of some sort. He was thin and terrified that night (it was May 23, 2014) and no one was interested; we were thrilled to be able to step in and bring him home. Riley was so shaken by that experience that it took a bit to regain trust, but one that really helped us was Iron, also new at the time, from a loving home that could no longer afford him. Iron was calm, trusting, an older gelding who quickly ‘adopted’ the youngster, giving him a sense of protection. Riley was no longer alone. Growing now, Riley is quickly turning into a beautiful strapping gelding. We are so happy to be able to step in for babies like this and give them a chance.

Iron&Rileyclose Iron&Rileygraze